Original Bible-based artwork · Designed in Copenhagen · Worldwide shipping


"Manhart is founded on the desire to light homes and hearts with hope, using art as a way to encourage people to live life to the full."

Manhart is a Danish Christian ministry creating resources for the global the Church. Manhart was founded in 2017 by Lasse and Sandra Hultén.

We know first-hand what it means to our health when certain words become firmly planted in our hearts. We believe the right word at the right time has the ability to save souls and point us in the right direction. We hope these Manhart prints will become strategic tools in your hands as conversation starters, gifts, and everyday lifelines around your home.

We are Sandra and Lasse, a married couple from Copenhagen who are passionate about seeing people flourish in their lives. In 2019 we became parents to a beautiful daughter. We are part of a local church in Copenhagen and work in graphic design and social work.

Hope and hopelessness are both contagious. So let's decide on what kind of influence we want to have on ourselves and those who we care about. Let us help you become a dealer in hope in the most practical of ways.

Be blessed,
Lasse & Sandra Hultén